Trusted quality of well-known brands

Our range contains an extensive choice of A brands including the ones mentioned below. You recognize them by the logo with the products.

House-branded products at attractive prices

Besides the products of well-known A brands and brandless products, we also have a wide choice of articles in our own house brands: Mega, Hydro-S and Jason. Our house brands are a perfect alternative for well-known trade brands; They provide comparable quality, but at a really attractive price.

We are expanding our package of in-house brands continuously. That means that we have a good alternative in most cases - the choice is up to the customer.


All customers can benefit from our Mega brand, which provides constant A-brand quality at competitive prices. Mega products are fully qualified alternatives for products of well-known brands. The Mega brand offers a broad choice of quality products, which are available to all our customers.


Our Hydro-S assortment offers a good alternative for the A brand and Mega-brand products in our assortment. They represent fully functional products of a fine quality, which are available at extremely attractive prices.


With our Jason brand, customers can benefit from a professional, fully qualified and competitive alternative to well-known A brands in the PE and PP product range. Professionals in the sector have been using Jason quality products to their great satisfaction for many years.


Under our Hydro-Pro brand, we offer specialized heat pumps for swimming pools - a range of pumps offering top quality with high efficiency and output.

Please ask our sales advisors for the additional benefits that our own brands can offer you!