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Heat exchanger Swep, type B16DW

Item no. 7008067
The Swep heat exchanger is a double unit with dry separation. The heat exchanger is equipped with both the Kiwa and also Belgaqua certificate. The material used (acid-resistant, stainless steel AISI 316) was chosen because of its use in conditions where there is a high risk of weathering.
Connection: male thread
Pressure primary system: 16 bar
Pressure secondary system: 16 bar
Model: BDW16DWHx60
Capacity kW/h at ∆ t=60°C: 60 kW/h
Size primary system: 1 1/4 "
Size secondary system: 1 1/4 "
Flow primary system: 50 ltr/min
Flow secondary system: 50 ltr/min
Technical drawing A mm: 377
B mm: 118
C mm: 329
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