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Salt chlorinator, type Salt & Swim 3C

Item no. 7014997
Salt & Swim™ 3C is a new treatment using salt. It has been designed for all those who want to spend less time and effort in treating and maintaining their pool, and whose budget is limited.
Truly easy to install and use, this system will treat pools of up to 110m³ continuously without the need to handle chemicals, and with reduced and inexpensive maintenance.
In combination with the Hayward pH regulator, type EZ-Chem you can also control pH values of the water and this will bring you a system which is easy to use and offers complete maintenance of your pool


  • Easily installed in 20 minutes (Cell included)
  • Simple and intuitive to use
  • Reduced and inexpensive maintenance
  • Suitable for the smallest pool (75m3)
  • New function - detects if the cover is shut to reduce chlorine production
Type: Salt & Swim 3C
Suitable for: pools 75m³
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