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Sta-Rite Pool control unit

Item no. 7015195
The Sta-Rite ControlPro Filtration Manager gives you all the necessary functions for the filtration of your pool, including the automatic control of backwashing. Compatible with single speed pumps or the Sta-Rite S5P1 VS variable pump. Designed to be installed in an easy, user friendly, and affordable 'all-in-one' filtration system. ControlPro allows the simultaneous control of heat pumps, solar or electric heating saving energy compared to single speed pumps. ControlPro™ also allows you to program the S5P1R VS pump with up to 4 pre-set speeds and filtration durations due to the different presets : "Economic, Swimming, Heating and Backwash".


  • Easy to use remote control unit
  • Compact interface module, easy to install on a DIN rail in existing electric panel
  • Compatible with single speed or variable speed pumps.
  • Variable speed control with 4 preset speeds: Economic, Swimming, Heating and Backwash.
  • Manual" boost mode" which overrides the current program at any time.
  • Thermoregulation adapts filtration times using water temperature and pool cover position
  • Backwash programming and the control  of automated backwash valves such as the ProValve.
  • Dual heating system: traditional heating (heat pumps, electric heaters etc) and prioritised Solar Heating
  • Intelligent and cost effective anti-freeze system.
  • Real time display of water/solar heating temperatures, filtration mode, program running times, heater status, time and date.
  • Allows dosage exclusively during filtration.
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